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Singer / Songwriter / Roy Orbison Tribute Artist

TV Host / Piano / Guitar / Vocal

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Hello, My name is David K, singer songwriter, piano guitar player, Roy Orbison tribute artist, magazine publisher and dedicated believer that one should live their purpose, if they know what it is. My purpose is to be creative, express passionate things that make a difference, in music or media, and to help people. My monthly TV show David K Songs features my songs, soon the songs of others and we'll feature local small businesses that also care also about creativity and music. We air to 100s of 1000s on MCN-6 TV in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Minneapolis & St. Paul, as well as surrounding suburbs. 1.5 million Twin Citians have cable TV, and we're channel 6 on all of those providers. That means as people surf between the main networks, 2,4,5,9 & 11, they'll find us. Check out my music here at www.davidksongs.com and my Roy show at www.royshow.com Find my album "Big News Cafe" at soundcloud.com/davidktunes as well as on iTunes - and look for my new 18 song double album "Lonely Blue Dreams" soon, with songs in the style of Roy, as well as songs of weathering the crisis. You can find MCN-6 TV also on Roku.

VIEW Episode 1 of “David K Songs”~ Mid-May, 2020.

THE DAVID K ALBUM, “Big News Cafe”

Phil Solem, Rembrandts 5 tunes on bass, recorded 1/2 in Minneapolis 1/2 in Nashville, TN

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ big-news-cafe/id950805040 

3-5 MINUTE SPOT for as little as $499. Email davidk@davidksongs.com for details.